The Power Spread Offense

Old school physicality, with new school beauty...

Power Spread Offense

Adapt the system to your personnel

What I love about this offense?

  • It is a man blocking and gap scheme offense that utilizes easy to remember acronyms for blocking rules.
    • Slam, power, counter, iso, toss, sweep, dive
  • The rules will block any front you will see without variation and give your kids confidence to know they will never see a front they can't block or when they are caught by surprise.
  • Tempo - You can huddle, no huddle, play slow, play fast. It is up to you and what your team needs to do to win.
  • Passing game is simple and effective. The quick, hots, screens and PA passes are easy to install and perfect.
  • Adaptability - Multiple formations allow for you to be Pro style, TE Spread or no TE spread depending on your personnel.
  • It is a TOUGH, PHYSICAL, GATA spread offense in a finesse, pretty spread football world.
  • QB run game gives you an edge and the ability to run power I schemes and outnumber the defense at the point of attack.
  • You can run it without having a huge offensive line due to utilization of blocking angles and blocking smart.
  • Your playbook is a menu. Each year you can pick and choose what items in the menu best fit your personnel so you can put put your kids in a situation to be successful without an offensive overhaul.

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Stephen Lickert

The Power Spread

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